The “old” artist PK

In 2018, the year of integration and rhythmic movement follows the pace of industry 4.0. We believe that somewhere in the bustle and busy is a deep note of rest and sigh after nine-to-five.

PK stands for Purity Keeper, playing the role of an old man who keeps the pure things and be together with you in that deep note. Nature is a beauty, but only through the hands of PK, is fully delivered to your hands. We believe so.


“The heart of nature” and the color of the design: Inspired by the color of the winter grass root, combined with the green of the spring seabed. We put on the design of the rich, fresh green and the representative of the quintessential combination.

When choosing PK products, you are choosing for yourself the essential oils carefully selected from seed to production stage, reaped at the right time and thoroughly checked. Each type of essential oil is tested by us and satisfies pure and quality standards.

Go through our site and choose a suitable essential oil and learn more about the hidden art of each essential oil.

Thank you.