We believe that when you read this article, at least you know about essential oil.

The notion of essential oils refers to water-insoluble liquids which contains dissolved organic compounds, volatile and characteristic aromatic. Essential oils are obtained from plant material by steam extraction, dry distillation or by a suitable mechanical process without using heat (pressing or extracting with solvent). The concept of essential oils is also used to refer to volatile oils, ethereal oils. Regarding the chemical composition, terpenic oils and oxygen-containing derivatives of terpenes such as alcohols, aldehydes, ether, esters, lactones …

This volatile natural aromatic compound is found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. They may be a strong, intense scent of scent, but they all have one thing in common: “special”. Each essential oil has different characteristics and scent. That’s why essential oil is also known as personality of trees, like human, we’re all different and special.

But what exactly is this aromatic compound?

This natural compound is made up of small organic molecules, capable of rapidly changing from solid state, or liquid to gaseous state at room temperature. The physical and chemical properties of essential oils make them quickly. Essential oil is used to produce thousands of perfumes. The scent will fast spread over the space, interacted with the sense of smell and dominated your body (We will tell you later about Motion story of essential oil in the body). Therefore, essential oils have been studied and used as a aromatherapy – completely from nature, to help the body stay healthy.
Until now, scientists have found more than 3000 types of essential oils. They are truly diverse because their nature changes from one plant to another, from one species to another. The refinement of essential oils is evidence in the combination of completely natural compounds that have been broken during the distillation process, making them both unique and beneficial for human health.
A pure essential oil also has a changing chemical composition, depending on the time of day, season, geographic location, method, time of distillation. So every step in producing a batch of essential oils plays an important role in the overall quality of the product. An essential oil producer has to satisfy two factors, long enough to understand essential oils, but also flexible enough to change cultivation methods, extracts and customer tastes to provide therapeutic therapy for human’s emotional and physical.
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